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I had lost all hope and seriously questioned if I could be happy again. I feel I was called to write this book to share the victory I received through God’s amazing power and love. Join me in a life-changing journey of mental freedom and spiritual awareness.

– Brian Ludwig, Author


Calming the Storm was truly a life-preserver, thrown out to rescue me from the tumultuous waves of anxiety that threatened to destroy my life! My life was a wreak – for years only my family and closest friends could tell, but now, my social life was also becoming crippled. I was just “hanging on” one day at a time with no hope for the future. I knew the “answers”, yet, I couldn’t put them into practical use in my life.

Calming the Storm changed all that! For two years now, I’ve been overjoyed with the growing FREEDOM I have to think clearly, to experience peace and joy, and to lovingly serve others! What an exchange from anxiety and despair!

Pick up Calming the Storm! The author has an ingenious writing style. He artistically weaves together three elements: his own captivating struggle with anxiety and his resulting path to Freedom; strategic pauses to personally address and encourage the reader forward; and clear, concise instructions on how to become free from anxiety. I followed the instructions in Calming the Storm, keeping it by my side like a textbook. I grew steadily, week by week, until panic and anxiety attacks were gone!

You, too, can become free from panic and anxiety! Calming the Storm has walked the path before you, and reaches out to lead you to freedom. Only YOU can do the hard work! Yet! with Calming the Storm, you now have a map and a coach to guide you to the freedom you desperately long for!
All Glory to God!   BY